Vivid Sydney - To the Moon and Back

Five, four, three, two, one.... Vivid Sydney, we have lift off.

We created an out of this world experience for people of all abilities and the Vivid Sydney Festival of Light and Ideas for 2019. From the moment visitors sit in the wheelchair-accessible lunar buggy, an immersive audio-visual sequence takes them to the moon and back. Blast off from NASA’s base and rocket into orbit, then land on the moon’s surface where you’ll see our tiny blue planet from a very different perspective. Take off into space once more and land safely back on earth.

We designed bespoke audio visual content to evoke a sense of discovery that honours the 50th anniversary of the lunar landing. The experience requires every participant to pilot a wheel chair and each Moon Mission takes approximately three minutes. Working within the theme of a ‘world of inclusion’, Habitat Media have collaborated with young people with disabilities to design the flags that adorn each moon buggy.

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